New York in Winter

New York in Winter

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pomes, Pennyeach

That's what James Joyce called his collection of poems in the period he was creating the short stories that went on to make up Dubliners. I dredge up century-old references not to compare myself to Joyce, obviously, but to give a nod to the writer who formed us all. Without Joyce, and especially Dubliners, there would be no Hemingway, no nothing.

I will be putting out some of my stories on this site, and sometimes they will be in medias res, so to speak. I love it when people write things like in medias res. It's even better when they try to say it.

By the way, The Meme Graveyard comes from a story idea that isn't a story idea. I do like the sound of it. It makes me seem avant and shit.

I don't know what the eventual name of the collection of stories will be. Maybe some wit from the Peanut Gallery will supply me with something suitably ironic yet spiritually meaningful.

Ciao for now.

Terence "Strappo" Hughes, known to associate with Grief & Joy

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